What the hell's happening around here?! This show's a week late, and Trump's up to all sorts of nonsense. We can barely keep up!!! Anyhow, enjoy.


Chris Cornell / Sunshower

Temple of the Dog / Say Hello To Heaven

Ending Song:

Chris Cornell / Seasons

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JB and Nerves make it to the same location for this week's 70-some minute long rant about Trump, music, movies, and videogames! These 70ish minutes are jam packed with all the goodness your wee little ears can handle.


Prefuse 73 / Plastic

LCD Soundsystem / call the police

Ending Song:

Mr. Bungle / My Ass is on Fire

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What more can be said about this show that the title hasn't already done a better job of? Simply put, it's another episode of Talkingship in which you'll wonder how in the world the title is apt... and then you'll hear and understand.


Lana Del Ray / Born to Die

Insane Clown Posse / Get Off My Dog

Ending Song:

Squirrel Nut Zippers / Suits Are Picking Up The Bill

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