Talkingship Episode 101 - Up with Hope. Down with Dope.



  • Cheers
  • Song = AC/DC - Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (Back in black)


TOPIC 1 = Malcolm Young


TOPIC 2 = BEST FRIENDS and Star Wars Destiny

  • Had family get together and a box of Destiny Empire at War cards
  • How did it feel opening up a box of cards again?
  • Were you happy with your pulls?
  • Sabine Wren is awesome! Explosive expert
  • Magic vs. Star Wars.
  • What do the listeners think of CCG’s?
  • Song = AC/DC - It’s a long way to the top (High Voltage)


TOPIC 3 = Game Time!

  • What did you think of the fight stick?
  • How much did you hate Cuphead?
  • I have been playing my 3DS and want Metroid-Samus Returns, what are your thoughts on hand helds now?
  • Is the switch dead to you? Mario looks super awesome to me.
  • Song = AC/DC - Are you ready? (Razor’s Edge)


TOPIC 4 = When is it ok to put up your holiday decorations?

  • What is on your list?
  • What do your kids want?
  • How have the times changed from when we were kids?
  • Song = AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas (Razor’s Edge)




  • Mind Hunter on Netflix
  • Jonathan Groff and Hannah Gross are terrible
  • His partner, Bill, (Played by Holt McCallanay) is great
  • Edmund Kemper (played by newcomer Cameron Britton) is insanely good. Ep 2.
  • Song = AC/DC Who Made Who



TOPIC 6 = Game of thrones

  • I have re-started watching with the wife
  • I’m on book 3 in the series after listening on Audible.
  • I’m enjoying audible on my road trips!
  • Song = AC/DC - For Those about to rock (we salute you) (For those about to rock…)
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