Jitterbug and Nerves bring along one of the TS Patreon subscribers, Jason, to talk about one of his favorite recent movies, Afro Samurai Resurrection. After that, we kick him off the ship and continue with our normal BS.


Cypress Hill / Hand on the Pump

The XX / On Hold

Ending Song:

AC/DC / Big Balls

EXTRA: Keep listening for a sneak peek at the most recent episode of the Shipmate Exclusive podcast.

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JB and Nerves celebrate Valentines Day on the ship in the most inappropriate ways they could think of. They list some of the worst gifts to buy your significant other on this manufactured Hallmark holiday, and then Nerves hints at mid-coitus assault via gaseous inhalation. You're just going to have to listen.


Leftover Salmon / Zombie Jamboree

Elbow / Gentle Storm

Ending Song:

Anthrax / Neon Knights

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This is a quick taste of some of the exclusive Shipmate content being sent out to Patreon subscribers.

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Here's one for the ladies! Not really, but sort of... I guess. Nerves and Jitterbug talk about bad first dates, Captain America Civil War, and Kubo. Then they serve up a ladies-only edition of soundsystem.

Tori Amos / The Waitress

A Fine Frenzy / Rangers

Ending Song:

Veruca Salt / Volcano Girls

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JB and Nerves have a lot to discuss this week, including the best horror films and franchises of all time, Nintendo's Switch, and the new Star Wars Destiny card game.


Two Door Cinema Club / Bad Decisions

Sturgill Simpson / Keep it Between the Lines

Ending Song:

Death / Where Do We Go From Here

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