JB and Nerves are ready to celebrate old Saint Nick and his wacky antics! Nerves is the captain this week, and he takes us down the rabbit hole - if by 'Rabbit Hole' you're talking about a butthole marathon.


The Amorphous Androgynous / Amorphous Androgynous

Butthole Surfers - All of it.

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JB and Nerves return to the tumultuous seas of the US Coast, steering through tidal waves of turds and whirlpools of willies, or something like that. Join them as they discuss everything from Battleborn to Westworld, BMDDs to indians, chubby bottles to chubby bellies.


Singstreet / Drive It Like You stole It

Anthrax / Indians

System of a Down / ADD

Ending Song:

Schindler's List theme

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