This s the one where we shit all over Game of Thrones and Prince! Learn to hate us.


The Rumble Strips / Girls and Boys in Love

Robbie Fulks / Katy Kay

Ending Song:

Prince / Musicology

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JB and Nerves talk exclusively about their buttholes for this entire episode. Nahhhhhh, just kidding. They spend some time talking about other stuff too.


Strumbellas / Spirits

Little Feet / Willin

Ending Song:

M.O.D. / Bubble Butt

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JB and Nerves take a tour of one lonely man's dick museum. Get a hand down your pants and join the fun.



RL Burnside / Go To Jail

Boho Dancer / Fictional Reasons

Ending Song:

King Missle / Detachable Penis

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JB and Nerves are back, and they only focus on their impending deaths for about half the episode this week. The other half is all about cock rings.


Eilen Jewel / Where They Never say Your Name

Steepwater Band / I Will Never Know

Ending Song:

Merle Haggard / Are The Good Times Really Over

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