Talkingship (general)

Nerves is joined by Fish and Book this week to get drunk and cuss. Hop on board and join them for a round or two!


John Batiste and Stay Human / St James Infirmary

Hound Dog Taylor / Crossroads

Public Service Broadcasting / Gagarin

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Jitterbug and Nerves are joined by the good Shephard Book today to discuss the Sweet Baby Jesus... No, he hasn't convinced us to become Christians, we're drinking Sweet Baby Jesus from DuClaw. That's mighty good fuel to get us all worked up and screaming at each other about whether or not the Robocop reboot is awesome or utter crap.



Johnny Lang / Still Rainin'

Will Butler / Anna

North Mississippi Allstars / Shake 'Em On Down


End Song:

Azealia Banks / 212 ROBOCOP MIX

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This week we're dedicating the show to someone who sent us beer, Cam! Nerves and Jitterbug got together to play games, watch a movie, and drink a lot of beer all thanks to shiphead, Cam. We let him pick the music and movie, which is how we ended up watching a foreign movie about an accused child molester called, The Hunt.


Mayer Hawthorne / The Ills

Pigeon Prison / Don't Fuck With My Money

End Song:

Eminem / Cum On Everybody

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Jitterbug and Nerves discuss Chinatown, as well as a bunch of movie news and opinions on recent videogame controversies.


Elastica / Stutter

Downset / Intro/Empower

Ending Song:

M83 / Outro

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Jitterbug and Nerves talk about an old favorite, Total Recall! Except Nerves isn't a big fan! WHAT?!?! Get ready for a fight.


Ought / Habit

Cab Calloway / Jitterbug

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Jitterbug and Nerves get mushy as they curse and act like man-children. The movie this week is the all-time classic, Rudy!


White Sea / Prague

The Acacia Strain / Doomblade

Ending Song:

Hank Williams III / Medley: Satan is Real/Straight to Hell

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13 - I Saw the Devil's Super Bowl

Nerves joins us this week from what sounds like an airplane hanger, but is actually just bad audio - sorry, we'll get that fixed for next week. We just got finished watching the Super Bowl, and have some thoughts on the game as well as the commercials. We also review the movie, I Saw The Devil.


Tenacious D / Senorita

Apparat / Goodbye (with Soap & Skin)

Ending Song:

Death / Politicians in my Eyes

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The good Shephard Book fills in for Nerves this week and reveals that The Godfather is his favorite film of all time. This is NOT something that can be revealed without much discussion, prompting this episode to run a bit on the long side as Jitterbug and Book explore one of the greatest movies of all time before then delving into Muscle Shoals, a documentary all about some of the greatest music ever recorded. It's going to be a good show!


Bill Frisell / Let Me In

Freddy King / Going Down

End Song:

Freddy King / I'd Rather Go Blind

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This week Jitterbug and Nerves discuss the best of 2014, and run through a list of Metacritics highest rated movies, music, and games.


2014 Best of:

Pallbearer / Ashes

Swans / A Little God In My Hands

Run the Jewels / Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)

St. Vincent / Digital Witness

D'Angelo and The Vanguard / Really Love

JB's Pick:

Death / Keep on Knocking

Nerves' Pick:

Warren Hayes / One

Ending Song:

Bad Brains / I and I Survive

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Nerves continues his slow realization that he hates Jitterbug as they discuss beer, music, and movies this week. The Crossing the Streams film this time is the Jean-Claude Van-Damme crapfest, Welcome to the Jungle.


Big Data / Dangerous

Little Richard / Girl Can't Help It

Ending Song:

Lorde / Team

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Jitterbug and Nerves discuss the movie Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel, and play some 'Remember When' involving the band Letters to Cleo and one legendary night from their youth. And in this episode, Jitterbug ALMOST goes the entire episode without stoking Nerves' rage.


Letters to Cleo / Pizza Cutter

Inside Out / Burning Fight

Ending Song:

AC/DC mashup

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This week Jitterbug and Nerves are joined by their old friend, Book, for the final episode of 2014. They discuss good times, old crimes, and uncover a disturbing sexual fetish! The movie for this week is the classic, Big Trouble in Little China.


Queen / Let Me In Your Heart Again

Antony & Bryce Dessner / I Was Young When I Left Home

Mavis Staples / Belong to the Band

Ending Song:

The Real McKenzies / Auld Lang Syne


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Merry Christmas shipheads! Jitterbug and Nerves head off on another sojourn to sea. The movie this week is The Wolf of Wall Street, and they've got a lot to say about this one!


Young the Giant / My Body

Murphy's Law / Sock It To Me, Santa

Ending Song:

Charlie Brown Christmas

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Jitterbug and Nerves are skipping Crossing the Streams this week, but Wolf of Wall Street will be on tap for next week. This time around, the guys talk about music, television, video games, and butthole-a-thon!


Butthole Surfers / The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

The Airborne Toxic Event / Sometime Around Midnight

Ending Song:

Vance Joy / Riptide

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Jitterbug and Nerves are back on the turbulant seas. This week they discuss the PS4 game, The Binding of Isaac, and review the Michael Bay film, Pain and Gain, all while Jitterbug suffers with a horrific beverage that combines clams, tomatoes, and Budweiser. 


Firehose / Sometimes

The Wind and the Wave / My Mama Said, Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head

End Song: Air Dubai / Warning


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Jitterbug and Nerves disucss beer, football, new nicknames for Ala Douche, as well as several other topics. This week the Crossing the Streams movie is Dead Snow, a horror romp all about Nazi zombies and nerd seed. 

Soundsystem Notes:

Pink Floyd / Anisina

NOFX / 72 Hookers


End Song: NOFX / Bob

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Jitterbug and Nerves are back after a long, long hiatus. Talkingship is back in rare form to bring you all the news you've been waiting for.

This week we introduce the new segment, Crossing the Streams, and invite you to watch bad movies along with us.


Band: Pulp / Song: Common People

Band: Primus / Song: Pure Imagination

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