Talkingship Episode 101 - Up with Hope. Down with Dope.



  • Cheers
  • Song = AC/DC - Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (Back in black)


TOPIC 1 = Malcolm Young


TOPIC 2 = BEST FRIENDS and Star Wars Destiny

  • Had family get together and a box of Destiny Empire at War cards
  • How did it feel opening up a box of cards again?
  • Were you happy with your pulls?
  • Sabine Wren is awesome! Explosive expert
  • Magic vs. Star Wars.
  • What do the listeners think of CCG’s?
  • Song = AC/DC - It’s a long way to the top (High Voltage)


TOPIC 3 = Game Time!

  • What did you think of the fight stick?
  • How much did you hate Cuphead?
  • I have been playing my 3DS and want Metroid-Samus Returns, what are your thoughts on hand helds now?
  • Is the switch dead to you? Mario looks super awesome to me.
  • Song = AC/DC - Are you ready? (Razor’s Edge)


TOPIC 4 = When is it ok to put up your holiday decorations?

  • What is on your list?
  • What do your kids want?
  • How have the times changed from when we were kids?
  • Song = AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas (Razor’s Edge)




  • Mind Hunter on Netflix
  • Jonathan Groff and Hannah Gross are terrible
  • His partner, Bill, (Played by Holt McCallanay) is great
  • Edmund Kemper (played by newcomer Cameron Britton) is insanely good. Ep 2.
  • Song = AC/DC Who Made Who



TOPIC 6 = Game of thrones

  • I have re-started watching with the wife
  • I’m on book 3 in the series after listening on Audible.
  • I’m enjoying audible on my road trips!
  • Song = AC/DC - For Those about to rock (we salute you) (For those about to rock…)
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Jitterbug and Nerves are back, and the show's better than ever!

Topic 1: Welcome Back! Where've ya been?

Song = Sylvan Esso / Just Dancing

Topic 2: Best Friends and Bad Movies!

Song = St Vincent / New York

Topic 3: TS 10 Year in Vegas!

Song = Mondo Cosmo / Shine

Topic 4: Sexual Harassment

Song = George Ezra / Budapest

Topic 5: Videogames and Extra Life

Song = Gwar / Fuck This Place

Topic 6: Deadwood Revival

Song = Arcade Fire / Everything Now

Topic 7: Bladerunner 2049 review

Ending Song = Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch / Mesa

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Nerves and JB recorded this episode way back on 8-15, but forgot to post it. Whooooooops! Sorry. Listen to them bitch about how Donald Trump is a Nazi, and then get drunk.


Beth Ditto / Fire

The Ramones / The KKK Took My Baby Away

Ending Songs:

Dead Kennedys / Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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They're baaaaaaack. JB and Nerves are here to school you on what it means when you see a pineapple in someone's yard. And in the process, they're going to ruin Spongebob for you.


Ween / Where My Cheese At

Kovacs / 50 Shades of Black

Ending Song:

Ween / The Friends Song

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This one's not even a whole month late! Sorry everyone, shit's been crazy. But here! Enjoy the podcast we recorded at the beginning of July!


Jason Isbell / Hope the High Road

Caitlin Cary / Cello Girl

Ending Song:

Cold War Kids / Something's Not Right With Me

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It's nearly an hour and a half of nonsense and a wee smidgen of heart this week as Nerves and JB discuss where they've been, and how come this is the first new episode in a couple weeks!


Kid w/ Manhead / Cheese Grate Your Face

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / I Need You

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JB vaguebooked the hell out of the Facebook Group recently, and in this episode you'll find out why. Bit of a tear jerker at times, but there's also plenty of talk about sex toys to help round this episode out.


Allman Brothers / Stormy Monday

The Velvet Underground / Oh Sweet Nuthin

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What the hell's happening around here?! This show's a week late, and Trump's up to all sorts of nonsense. We can barely keep up!!! Anyhow, enjoy.


Chris Cornell / Sunshower

Temple of the Dog / Say Hello To Heaven

Ending Song:

Chris Cornell / Seasons

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JB and Nerves make it to the same location for this week's 70-some minute long rant about Trump, music, movies, and videogames! These 70ish minutes are jam packed with all the goodness your wee little ears can handle.


Prefuse 73 / Plastic

LCD Soundsystem / call the police

Ending Song:

Mr. Bungle / My Ass is on Fire

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What more can be said about this show that the title hasn't already done a better job of? Simply put, it's another episode of Talkingship in which you'll wonder how in the world the title is apt... and then you'll hear and understand.


Lana Del Ray / Born to Die

Insane Clown Posse / Get Off My Dog

Ending Song:

Squirrel Nut Zippers / Suits Are Picking Up The Bill

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Nerves is angry today. You an hear it in his voice, and feel his sith-side coming through the microphone. Will this be the episode when he finally snaps?


Lorde / Greenlight

AC/DC / Shake Your Foundations

Ending Song:

Beyonce / Sorry

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Jitterbug and Nerves have a lot to say about food, drinks, and pornography this week. What else did you expect? 


Tove Lo / Habits (Stay High) [Hippie Sabotage Remix]

Junkyard Empire / The Basics

Ending Song:

The Tossers / Whiskey Makes Me Crazy

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JB and Nerves serve up a heaping helping of naughtiness this week. They talk about raunchy Craigslist ads, tick adventures, dog penises swarming with gnats, and that's all before they even get into their first segment of the day.


Lost in the Trees / All Alone in an Empty House

Crystal Fairy / Bent Teeth

Ending Song:

Butthole Surfers and Clutch mashup

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JB's old as dirt, and he's paying for it this episode. The guys discuss JB's birthday celebration, Star Wars Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a bunch of other BS.



Enigma / Return To Innocence

Koko Taylor / Better Watch Your Step

Ending Song:

Fiona Apple / Shadowboxer

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This week we're giving you a glimpse at some of the exclusive content that the Shipmates pledging to the Talkingship Patreon are getting. Hope you like it! And if you like it so much that you want MORE, then simply head on over to our Patreon page and pledge $5.

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JB and Nerves set sail yet again to bring you an hour or more of idiotic banter. Strap yourselves in, because there's a lot to talk about this week including how Nerves finally watched The Greasy Strangler, Trump's ties to Russia, It Follows, and a long list of different names for turds. Yep, it's one of those sorts of shows.


Ozzy Osbourne / I Don't Know

Bonnie Raitt / Angel From Montgomery (w/ John Prine)

Ending Song:

Ozzy Osbourne / Dee

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JB and Nerves take to the boiling, roiling, toiling seas to bring you another hour of masturbatory fancies and ticker tape parade worthy shenanigans. Or something like that. This week they discuss John Candy flicks, hotel semen, Gwar, and the Nintendo Switch, not necessarily in that order. 


Freddie Bruno / Can't Get Through

The Ex Cops / Zipper Pig

Ending Song:

The Circle Jerks / Red Blanket Room

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Jitterbug and Nerves drag along one of the mods for this week's episode! We've got a Terminator Extravaganza for you this week as we discuss the most recent catastrophe in the franchise, Genysis!


Public Service Broadcasting / Spitfire

Austrian Death Machine / I Am a Cybernetic Organism...

Ending Song:

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment / Sunday Candy

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Jitterbug and Nerves bring along one of the TS Patreon subscribers, Jason, to talk about one of his favorite recent movies, Afro Samurai Resurrection. After that, we kick him off the ship and continue with our normal BS.


Cypress Hill / Hand on the Pump

The XX / On Hold

Ending Song:

AC/DC / Big Balls

EXTRA: Keep listening for a sneak peek at the most recent episode of the Shipmate Exclusive podcast.

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JB and Nerves celebrate Valentines Day on the ship in the most inappropriate ways they could think of. They list some of the worst gifts to buy your significant other on this manufactured Hallmark holiday, and then Nerves hints at mid-coitus assault via gaseous inhalation. You're just going to have to listen.


Leftover Salmon / Zombie Jamboree

Elbow / Gentle Storm

Ending Song:

Anthrax / Neon Knights

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This is a quick taste of some of the exclusive Shipmate content being sent out to Patreon subscribers.

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Here's one for the ladies! Not really, but sort of... I guess. Nerves and Jitterbug talk about bad first dates, Captain America Civil War, and Kubo. Then they serve up a ladies-only edition of soundsystem.

Tori Amos / The Waitress

A Fine Frenzy / Rangers

Ending Song:

Veruca Salt / Volcano Girls

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JB and Nerves have a lot to discuss this week, including the best horror films and franchises of all time, Nintendo's Switch, and the new Star Wars Destiny card game.


Two Door Cinema Club / Bad Decisions

Sturgill Simpson / Keep it Between the Lines

Ending Song:

Death / Where Do We Go From Here

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Nerves fell overboard this week, so Jitterbug searched the deep, deep bowels of the ship to dig up a couple golden nuggets, and just so happened to resurrect the long dead Big Red Barrel Flix Podcast in the process! Dave, Yoshi, and Jitterbug discuss Rogue One, and rank it in the pantheon of Star Wars films.

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Jitterbug and Nerves are back again for another bout of idiocy. This week they talk about the movie, The Witch, as well as Gears 4, The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and anything else that crosses our minds. Also, there's a special segment in this show all about The Black Dahlia murder that I'll be interested to hear what people think of.


Charles Bradley / Changes

Metallica / Spit Out the Bone

Ending Song:

Avett Brothers / Ain't No Man

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Let's start 2017 off right! Talkingship is back, and we're as filthy and vile as ever. JB and Nerves tackle some pretty tough subjects including masturbation fantasy knife fights, tubs full of spaghetti and women (no sauce), and everything else that accompanies a TS show! We give you our SPOILER-FREE review of Rogue One, and discuss JB's purchase of an Xbox One.


Polyphonic Spree / Have A Day

Michael Kiwanuka / Love & Hate

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