Nerves is angry today. You an hear it in his voice, and feel his sith-side coming through the microphone. Will this be the episode when he finally snaps?


Lorde / Greenlight

AC/DC / Shake Your Foundations

Ending Song:

Beyonce / Sorry

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Jitterbug and Nerves have a lot to say about food, drinks, and pornography this week. What else did you expect? 


Tove Lo / Habits (Stay High) [Hippie Sabotage Remix]

Junkyard Empire / The Basics

Ending Song:

The Tossers / Whiskey Makes Me Crazy

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JB and Nerves serve up a heaping helping of naughtiness this week. They talk about raunchy Craigslist ads, tick adventures, dog penises swarming with gnats, and that's all before they even get into their first segment of the day.


Lost in the Trees / All Alone in an Empty House

Crystal Fairy / Bent Teeth

Ending Song:

Butthole Surfers and Clutch mashup

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JB's old as dirt, and he's paying for it this episode. The guys discuss JB's birthday celebration, Star Wars Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a bunch of other BS.



Enigma / Return To Innocence

Koko Taylor / Better Watch Your Step

Ending Song:

Fiona Apple / Shadowboxer

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