JB and Nerves are ready to celebrate old Saint Nick and his wacky antics! Nerves is the captain this week, and he takes us down the rabbit hole - if by 'Rabbit Hole' you're talking about a butthole marathon.


The Amorphous Androgynous / Amorphous Androgynous

Butthole Surfers - All of it.

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JB and Nerves return to the tumultuous seas of the US Coast, steering through tidal waves of turds and whirlpools of willies, or something like that. Join them as they discuss everything from Battleborn to Westworld, BMDDs to indians, chubby bottles to chubby bellies.


Singstreet / Drive It Like You stole It

Anthrax / Indians

System of a Down / ADD

Ending Song:

Schindler's List theme

Direct download: TS_76_-_Indians_Bacon_Mold_and_Lists.mp3
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It's a jam-packed show this time around! Not only are you going to get a full show, but you'll get a bunch of extra Soundsystem recommendations, as well as a recap of our BMDD night! Settle in, little shippers, we're headed on a journey!


Phish / Breath and Burning

Drive By Truckers / Ramon Casiano

Tribe Called Quest / We the People

The Weeknd / Starboy

Kate Bush / Reaching Out

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings / I'm Still Here

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Jitterbug and Nerves recorded this episode back on October 23rd, before the Cubs won the World Series and incurred the wrath of a vengeful God who struck down our county with an Orange apocalypse. Listen to this, and hear our hopeful voices in a time before the collapse of the American Dream.


The Boxer Rebellion / Big Ideas

Steve Goodman / Go Cubs Go

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The title says it all, but it's not all that bad, you just have to listen to his chair creak the whole show. 


Scala and Kolachny Brothers / Heroes

Stealers Wheel / Stuck in the Middle

Ending Song:

Monte Pittman / Arisen in Broad Daylight

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JB and Nerves are swinging by shore to shoot some dirty words into your ears via their salty, salty lips. Or maybe it's through the lips of a presidential candidate!! Ugh. Can you believe this election? For real, people... Just the worst. Anyways, enjoy the show!


Bishop Briggs / River

Old Number Eight / All Our Leaders


Direct download: TS_72_-_P_Good_P_Words.mp3
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JB and Nerves return for another week of nonsense. They talk about the election, the debate, SNL, and whatever the hell else they feel like. Listen carefully and you can actually hear the moment when Nerves cements his plan to murder JB!


Neurosis / Broken Ground

The Alvin Brothers / Truckin Little Woman

Ending Song:

Guns and Roses / You're Crazy

Direct download: TS_71_-_Busy_Talking_Here.mp3
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JB and Nerves test out a brand new segment on the show, THE WAYBACK MACHINE! Join us as we take a trip back to 1986 to explore all that was going on in that mystical year.


Norah Jones / Carry On

Weezer / El Scorcho

Ending Song:

Metallica / Orion

Direct download: TS_70_-_Way_Back_Machine_Time.mp3
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Sorry. What more do you want? We're fucking sorry.



Jello Biafra / The Terror of Tiny Town

Richard Thompson / Dad's Gonna Kill Me

Ending Song:

David Bowie / Too Dizzy

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JB and Nerves have been on this ship for nine years as of this show! This week they review Suicide Squad, talk about No Man's Sky, and bitch about stuff until they reach the end.


The Ramones / Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio

Joseph / White Flag

Ending Song:

Jimmy Buffet / A Pirate Looks at Forty

Direct download: TS_68_-_Ninth_Anniversary_Show.mp3
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Holy shit, they're still alive! Jitterbug and Nerves are back after a long hiatus. This week they discuss Overwatch, Ghostbusters 2016, The Nice Guys, Stranger Things, and a whole lot of other stuff.



The Head and the Heart / Lost in my Mind

CIV / Don't Got to Prove Anything

Ending Song:

Damien Rice / The Blower's Daughter

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Sorry we disappeared for a little while, but we're back with one of the most outrageous and offensive episodes to date. Very few of you are going to make it through this extra-long episode without shaking your heads in disgust at least once.



Jaco Pastorious / Portrait of Tracy

Low Roar / I'll Keep Coming

Ending Song:

G.G. Allin / Sleeping in my Piss

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JB and Nerves are back again, and this time JB's coming pre-loaded to the party. Some days we've got damn good reasons to drink.


Vic Chestnutt / Flirted With You All My Life

Florence and the Machine / Mother

Ending Song:

Jimmy Eat World / Hear You Me

Direct download: TS_65_-_Get_Muted.mp3
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JB and Nerves do battle about a variety of stupid things. Nerves is at a hotel in a pillowfort, doing things that he should be ashamed of.


Pantera / Pre-Hibernation

Alexander / Truth

Ending Song:

Spongebob / F.U.N.

Direct download: TS_64_The_Spongebomb.mp3
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Nerves has gone missing, which means JB had to go find some other jerk offs to come on the show with him this week. He grabbed Chris and Michael from the Pressing Reset podcast. Come listen to them as they shove far more into this episode than any human being should be expected to stand.


The Weaker Thans / Aside

Sturgill Simpson / Turtles All the Way Down

San Cisco / Too Much Time Together


Ending Song:

The Budos Band / Chicago Falcon

Direct download: TS_63_-_Pressing_Reset_Orgy.mp3
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It's going to get real weird this week. Get ready for some NSFW talk (seriously) as JB and Nerves delve into some of the weirder sex acts the internet has ever provided. You'll never think of Mario and Pizza the same after this.


Kaptan / Everything

Waco Brothers / Orphan Song

Ending Song:

Letters to Cleo / Pizza Cutter

Direct download: TS_62_-_Pizza_Pits.mp3
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This s the one where we shit all over Game of Thrones and Prince! Learn to hate us.


The Rumble Strips / Girls and Boys in Love

Robbie Fulks / Katy Kay

Ending Song:

Prince / Musicology

Direct download: TS_61_-_Baby_Corn.mp3
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JB and Nerves talk exclusively about their buttholes for this entire episode. Nahhhhhh, just kidding. They spend some time talking about other stuff too.


Strumbellas / Spirits

Little Feet / Willin

Ending Song:

M.O.D. / Bubble Butt

Direct download: TS_60_-_Butt_Stuff.mp3
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JB and Nerves take a tour of one lonely man's dick museum. Get a hand down your pants and join the fun.



RL Burnside / Go To Jail

Boho Dancer / Fictional Reasons

Ending Song:

King Missle / Detachable Penis

Direct download: TS_59_-_Free_Candy_at_the_Dick_Museum.mp3
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JB and Nerves are back, and they only focus on their impending deaths for about half the episode this week. The other half is all about cock rings.


Eilen Jewel / Where They Never say Your Name

Steepwater Band / I Will Never Know

Ending Song:

Merle Haggard / Are The Good Times Really Over

Direct download: TS_58_-_Bitter_Triple_Flickers.mp3
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Jitterbug is back, or at least half his face is. This week we tear into a hotly debated subject on the Ship: Tom Clancy's the Division. There's a lot of bitching and whining about the game from one of our captains, and some love from the other. CAN YOU GUESS WHO'S BITCHING?! I bet you can.


The Cat Empire / Bulls

Baked Potatoes / The Builder

Ending Song:

Scott Weiland / Divider

Direct download: TS_57_-_Marble_Mouth_Madness.mp3
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JB's dealing with a face explosion situation, so this week we're going to take a ride through the Talkingship time machine and revisit some of the greatest moments of the original Talkingship shows. Strap in and strap on shipheads, it's about to get heavy.

Direct download: Talkingship_Retro-Rewind-Skit-Spectacular.mp3
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95% of the show this week is dick jokes and the norm. JB and Nerves get together to share a few beers and play some games, and they invite you along for the ride. Then, for the final 5% of the show, they get a bit serious and say goodbye to a member of the ship who we lost recently. We bid you goodnight, dear brother. Goodnight. Goodnight.


John Congleton and the Nighty Nite / Until it Goes

Megadeth / Fatal Illusion

Ending Song:

Grateful Dead / We Bid You Goodnight

Direct download: TS_56_-_Together_Again.mp3
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Jitterbug keeps a naughty secret from Nerves this episode. See if he can keep it for the whole hour!



Kaleo / Way Down We Go

Anthrax / Neon Knights


Ending Song:

Roger Waters / Perfect Sense pt 2

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JB and Nerves do battle yet again, and this time it's fueled by whiskey! Listen to these two old farts blather on and on and on about stuff that only they care about.



Atmosphere / Finer Things

Jake Shimabukuro / While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Direct download: TS_54_-_Whiskey_Soured.mp3
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MEAT STRAWS! Just listen.


Belly / The Bees

Fidlar / 40oz on Repeat

Direct download: TS_53_-_Cocktail_Weenie_Garnishes.mp3
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Nerves is back from the dead (aka Florida), and he's ready to captain this stinky vessel. Get your tugging hand ready. The boys are back in town!


Stormy Weather / I Wonder Why

Baby Strange / Friend

Ending Song:

Cee-Lo Green / Fuck You

Direct download: TS_52_-_Nerves_Gets_an_Obama_Bump.mp3
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Jitterbug has murdered Nerves, which means he had to go get a couple of people to join him this week. Chris and Michael join JB to talk about movies, games, beer, and what does or doesn't happen at a glory hole party.


Undertale Soundtrack

Primal Scream / Loaded

Direct download: TS_51_-_Glory_Hole_Togetherness.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves have things to fucking do. They're busy people. Want to hear how they relax for an hour? If not, too fucking bad. Enjoy the show.


Roky Erickson / Two-Headed Dog

LCD Soundsystem / Christmas Will Break Your Heart

Ending Song:

Frank Zappa / Broken Hearts are for Assholes

Direct download: TS_50_-_Yawning_Asshole_Montage.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves come together. Take that as you will.


Phish / Life on Mars

Empire of the Sun / Walking on a Dream

Direct download: TS_-_David_Bowie.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves ring in the new year with a bevy of curse words and very few fucks given. Suck it... with your earholes.



Lewis Del Mar / Loud(y)

Motorhead / Sympathy for the Devil

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