The title says it all, but it's not all that bad, you just have to listen to his chair creak the whole show. 


Scala and Kolachny Brothers / Heroes

Stealers Wheel / Stuck in the Middle

Ending Song:

Monte Pittman / Arisen in Broad Daylight

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JB and Nerves are swinging by shore to shoot some dirty words into your ears via their salty, salty lips. Or maybe it's through the lips of a presidential candidate!! Ugh. Can you believe this election? For real, people... Just the worst. Anyways, enjoy the show!


Bishop Briggs / River

Old Number Eight / All Our Leaders


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JB and Nerves return for another week of nonsense. They talk about the election, the debate, SNL, and whatever the hell else they feel like. Listen carefully and you can actually hear the moment when Nerves cements his plan to murder JB!


Neurosis / Broken Ground

The Alvin Brothers / Truckin Little Woman

Ending Song:

Guns and Roses / You're Crazy

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