JB and Nerves are back again, and this time JB's coming pre-loaded to the party. Some days we've got damn good reasons to drink.


Vic Chestnutt / Flirted With You All My Life

Florence and the Machine / Mother

Ending Song:

Jimmy Eat World / Hear You Me

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JB and Nerves do battle about a variety of stupid things. Nerves is at a hotel in a pillowfort, doing things that he should be ashamed of.


Pantera / Pre-Hibernation

Alexander / Truth

Ending Song:

Spongebob / F.U.N.

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Nerves has gone missing, which means JB had to go find some other jerk offs to come on the show with him this week. He grabbed Chris and Michael from the Pressing Reset podcast. Come listen to them as they shove far more into this episode than any human being should be expected to stand.


The Weaker Thans / Aside

Sturgill Simpson / Turtles All the Way Down

San Cisco / Too Much Time Together


Ending Song:

The Budos Band / Chicago Falcon

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It's going to get real weird this week. Get ready for some NSFW talk (seriously) as JB and Nerves delve into some of the weirder sex acts the internet has ever provided. You'll never think of Mario and Pizza the same after this.


Kaptan / Everything

Waco Brothers / Orphan Song

Ending Song:

Letters to Cleo / Pizza Cutter

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