Jitterbug is back, or at least half his face is. This week we tear into a hotly debated subject on the Ship: Tom Clancy's the Division. There's a lot of bitching and whining about the game from one of our captains, and some love from the other. CAN YOU GUESS WHO'S BITCHING?! I bet you can.


The Cat Empire / Bulls

Baked Potatoes / The Builder

Ending Song:

Scott Weiland / Divider

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JB's dealing with a face explosion situation, so this week we're going to take a ride through the Talkingship time machine and revisit some of the greatest moments of the original Talkingship shows. Strap in and strap on shipheads, it's about to get heavy.

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95% of the show this week is dick jokes and the norm. JB and Nerves get together to share a few beers and play some games, and they invite you along for the ride. Then, for the final 5% of the show, they get a bit serious and say goodbye to a member of the ship who we lost recently. We bid you goodnight, dear brother. Goodnight. Goodnight.


John Congleton and the Nighty Nite / Until it Goes

Megadeth / Fatal Illusion

Ending Song:

Grateful Dead / We Bid You Goodnight

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