Jitterbug keeps a naughty secret from Nerves this episode. See if he can keep it for the whole hour!



Kaleo / Way Down We Go

Anthrax / Neon Knights


Ending Song:

Roger Waters / Perfect Sense pt 2

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JB and Nerves do battle yet again, and this time it's fueled by whiskey! Listen to these two old farts blather on and on and on about stuff that only they care about.



Atmosphere / Finer Things

Jake Shimabukuro / While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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MEAT STRAWS! Just listen.


Belly / The Bees

Fidlar / 40oz on Repeat

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Nerves is back from the dead (aka Florida), and he's ready to captain this stinky vessel. Get your tugging hand ready. The boys are back in town!


Stormy Weather / I Wonder Why

Baby Strange / Friend

Ending Song:

Cee-Lo Green / Fuck You

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