Nerves and Jitterbug spoil the living shit out of this movie. They discuss everything about the movie, from start to finish.

Direct download: TS_Star_Wars_Episode_7_SPOILER-FILLED_Review.mp3
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Here is our spoiler free review of Star Wars Episode 7!

Direct download: TS_Star_Wars_Episode_7_Spoiler-Free_Review.mp3
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Sorry this one's a week late. No explanation. Just, sorry. Shut up.


Butthole Surfers / Ulcer Breakout

Swans / A little God in My Hands

Ending Song:

A John Waters Christmas / Here Comes Fatty Claus

Direct download: TS_46_-_The_Butthole_Awakens.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:23pm EDT

Skit - Darth Trump

Nerves and Jitterbug talk about damn near everything in this super long episode of Talkingship. See how long it takes you to get offended this week, fuckers.



12 Foot Ninja / One Hand Killing

Tobias Jesso Jr / How Could You Babe

Ending Song:

Me First and the Gimme Gimmies / Hava Nagila

Direct download: TS_46_-_Drinking_Masturbating_and_Shooting_Heroin.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:36pm EDT

JB and Nerves tackle the Christmas Spirit and do terrible things to it this week. Get ready for more offensive tripe!


David Lindley / Mercury Blues

Foo Fighters / St Cecilia

Ending Song:

Cyndi Lauper and The Hives / A Christmas Duel

Direct download: TS_45_-_Shitting_on_He-Man.mp3
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JB and Nerves tackles some of today's toughest issues, and try to avoid the social justice warriors who insist on fucking everything up.


Jackyl / She Loves My Cock

Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment / Sunday Cake

Ending Song:

Primus / Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Direct download: TS_11-24.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves set out to offend people this week, so get your big boy pants on and stop crying... Bono will fix you.


Old Number 8 / Ragtime Man

Wreckless Eric / Sysco Trucks

Ending Song

U2 / The Streets Have No Name

Direct download: TS_43_-_The_Cosby_Sheen_Comedy_Tour.mp3
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This week JB and Nerves split their time between a regular podcast and a live show at Dungeons and Drafts during Extra Life!


Authority Zero / No Other Place

EL VY / Return to the Moon

Direct download: TS_EL_Special.mp3
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This week we take a trip in the time machine to revisit an old episode of Talkingship About Movies that we did a few years back all about movie monsters!

Direct download: TS_Throwback_-_TSA_Movies_Top_5_Classic_Monsters.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are joined by the good Shepherd Book this week in an attempt to drag him down into the pits of hell with them. This week they review Rosemary's Baby, talk about Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, and Halo 5. Plus there's going to be all sorts of sexual innuendo and bad jokes.


George Ezra / Blame it on Me

King Diamond / Halloween

Ending Song:

Danny Elfman / This is Halloween

Direct download: TS_41_-_Rosemary_in_Poundtown.mp3
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Jitterbug's drinking whiskey, so things are going to get mean real fast. Jitterbug and Nerves discuss Billboard's picks for Songs of the Summer, and then give you their pick. They review the Australian zombie flick, Wyrmwood, and then announce next week's movie, Rosemary's Baby. After that they talk about video game news, including Steam Machine, Just Cause 3, and Dungeon Boss. There's some talk about movies, including Zombeavers. And then you're going to get a special treat this week as we discuss the Democratic Debate!


B0rns / Electric Love

Ministry / Everyday is Halloween

Ending Song:

Blue Mountain / Rye Whiskey

Direct download: TS_40.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves drink beer so they can try to put up with each other for an hour without screaming. This week they discuss the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, Birdman, music, and they cross the streams with the Halloween classic, Reanimator!


Dead Kennedys / Halloween

The Sound of Rescue / VII

Ending Song:

Abney Park / Sleep Isabella

Direct download: TS_39_-_Reanimate_Sleepy_Nerves.mp3
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JB and Nerves talk about Doctor Who, Frankenstein's Army, Metal Gear Solid V, Donald Trump, and a whole bunch of other crap you're going to want to hear! So get to it!!


Clutch / Sucker for the Witch

Son Lux / Break

Ending Song:

Clutch / Frankenstein

Direct download: TS_38_-_Frankensteins_Sandwich.mp3
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This week JB and Nerves announce the possible impending end of the show! Only you can save it!


Widespread Panic / Street Dogs For Breakfast

David Gilmour / 5am

Ending Song:

Flogging Molly / Drunken Lullabies (Acoustic)

Direct download: TS_37_-_Game_On_Baby.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are here to discuss whatever the hell they feel like, which happens to include Jitterbug's opinions on Destiny - The Taken King and Metal Gear Solid V, both of which he's had the chance to play.


Dawes - All Your Favorite Bands

The Boxer Rebellion - Diamonds

Ending Song:

Dawes - When My Time Comes

Direct download: TS_-_36_Act_Like_Adults_rededited.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves return after an unplanned non-vacation last week. JB's got some explaining to do! They talk about Doctor Who, Super Mario Maker, Until Dawn, Bloodbourne, and smoking weed.


Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes / Juggernaut

Iron and Wine and Ben Bridwell / No Way Out of Here

Ending Song:

Puscifer / Momma Sed

Direct download: TS_-_35.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves set sail in choppy waters and decide that we're all going to die anyway, so who cares? This week they talk about the new games coming out in September, as well as the new movies making their way to Netflix.


Revolting Cocks / Beers, Steers, and Queers

Yelawolf / Til It's Gone

Ending Song:

Nathanial Rateliff & The Nightsweats / I Need Never Get Old

Direct download: TS_34_-_Were_All_Gonna_Die.mp3
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This week Jitterbug steers the ship solo! He's taking the opportunity to create a list of time-tested Soundsystem picks for your enjoyment.

Murphy's Law / the Best of Times

Secret Machines / Nowhere Again

M83 / Outro

LCD Soundsystem / All My Friends

Arcade Fire / (Antichrist Television Blues)

Will Butler / Anna

San Fermin / Daedalus (What We Have)

The Wind and the Wave / My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head

Lake Street Dive / You Go Down Smooth

Blackalicious / Blazing Arrow

Calexico / Sunken Waltz

Rocket From the Crypt / Don't Darlene

Death / Keep on Knockin

Azaelea Banks / 212

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats / S.O.B.

Direct download: TS_JBs_Soundsystem.mp3
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Jitterbug's sick as hell, but here anyways. Nerves admits his fear of sugar gliders and admits to hating Destiny. Lots of talk about movies and music, and... fuck it. You know the drill. Enjoy.


Kamasi Washington / Miss Understanding

Body Count / Talk Shit, Get Shot

Ending Song:

Cowboy Bebop / Space Lion

Direct download: TS_33.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are back this week from a two week hiatus, and they've brought along a new friend! Jitterbug has some big news about a new addition to the family, and Nerves is ready to make fun of him for it.


Chris Stapleton / Tennessee Whiskey

Elle King / Ex's and Oh's

Ending Song:

Journey / Don't Stop Believing

Direct download: TS_32_-_Sugar_Glider_Madness.mp3
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Here's an oldie but a goodie! This is an episode of TS - About Music from a few years back. 

Direct download: TSAbout_Music__1_-_Top_Five_Pink_Floyd.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves drink beer, eat pizza, and talk about tons of stuff this week, including Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Doctor Who, and whatever else they feel like.


The Calm Blue Sea / We Happy Few

La Butcherettes / Burn the Scab

Ending Song:

Nirvana / Negative Creep

Direct download: TS_31_-_Pizza_and_Beer.mp3
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After a three week hiatus, Nerves and Jitterbug are back to disgust and annoy you with their banter and opinions. They discuss Comic Con, E3, and Marathon Man.



Chet Faker / Gold

The Mattoid / Partytime

Ending Song:

Velvet Underground / Pale Blue Eyes

Direct download: TS_-_30_Paperweight_or_a_Buttplug.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves continue their conversation about George Miller's film, Mad Max Fury Road. This is a continuation of a conversation they had in episode 29 of the regular show.

Direct download: TS_-_Mad_Max_Fury_Road_SPOILER_Review.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves go out on a date night to see Mad Max Fury Road and have a lot to say about it. This is going to be a SPOILER FREE review of the movie. Tomorrow we'll release a Spoiler review, so keep your eyes out for that.


The Boxmasters / That's Why Tammy Has My Car

Royal Blood / Figure It Out

Direct download: 29_-_Furious_Date_Night.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves get together to talk about John Woo's The Killer, as well as Jurassic Park, beer, scaring children, and a variety of other nonsense.


Ministry / Thieves

The War on Drugs / Red Eyes

Ending Song:

Misfits / Lost in Space

Direct download: TS_6-7_wtf.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves chat about a wide variety of stuff with very little substance but with inexplicably strong opinions. Because that's what we do. JB bitches about videogames, Nerves bitches about Jitterbug, and all is right with the world.


Tame Impala / 'Cause I'm a Man

Mad Season / Wake Up

Direct download: TS_5-31_redo.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are joined by Book this episode. They had the best of the intentions, and meant to focus this episode around the passing of BB King, but the show got sidetracked into discussions about buttholes... You know how that goes.


Soundsystem (All BB King)

How Blue Can You Get

Three O'Clock Blues (w/ Eric Clapton)

When Love Comes to Town (w/ U2)

Ending Song: Caldonia

Direct download: B_Episode.mp3
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Nerves and Jitterbug took off this week to spend some time with their wives for Mother's Day. Instead of leaving you high and dry, we thought we'd throw up an episode of Talkingship About Music from several years back, all about Led Zeppelin.

Direct download: TSAMusic__2_-_Top_5_Led_Zeppelin.mp3
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Nerves is out to sea, adrift somewhere in Mexico, so Jitterbug went and got his buddy from BRB Flix, Yoshi, to come along for the 25th episode of the new Talkingship. In this episode they ramble on about damn near everything, clocking in an extra long show where they pretty much solve racism and poverty. It's pretty special. 


Alison Wonderland / Run

Pinback / Barnes

End Song:

Kendrick Lamar / King Kunta

Direct download: TS_5-5.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are together again this week to discuss how terrible Sharknado is. There's also a Fangasm this week!!!


Frank Turner / Recovery

Against Me ' Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Direct download: TS_4-26.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are back, and it's time for a very special episode of Talkingship! The legendary Towel Championship is upon us, in which our beloved captains must fight to the death for the honor of owning the fabled Towel! Nerves has owned it for two years. Can Jitterbug steal it away? You'll have to tune in to find out.


Benjamin Booker / Violent Shiver

Vincent Black Shadow / Metro

Ending Song:

Otis Redding / Mr. Pitiful

Direct download: TS_Game_Towel_Episode.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:14pm EDT

Direct download: TSCL22_-_4_8_15_10.43_PM.m4a
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This week Jitterbug and Nerves have a lot to talk about, including movies, music, games, and the Troma Pictures classic, Class of Nuke 'Em High.


San Fermin / Sonsick

Noah and the Whale / Shape of my Heart

End Song:

San Fermin / Daedelus

Direct download: TS_21_Final.mp3
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Nerves unleashes the beast this week. No, not the RAGE beast... the love beast. We finally confront his adoration of romantic comedies and discuss what has to be one of the stalest rom-coms in decades, Guess Who starring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac. Sigh.


Moe / Spine of a Dog

Chromatics / Into the Black

Ending Song:

KONGOS / Come With Me Now

Direct download: TS_20.mp3
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Nerves is joined by Fish and Book this week to get drunk and cuss. Hop on board and join them for a round or two!


John Batiste and Stay Human / St James Infirmary

Hound Dog Taylor / Crossroads

Public Service Broadcasting / Gagarin

Direct download: TS19.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves are joined by the good Shephard Book today to discuss the Sweet Baby Jesus... No, he hasn't convinced us to become Christians, we're drinking Sweet Baby Jesus from DuClaw. That's mighty good fuel to get us all worked up and screaming at each other about whether or not the Robocop reboot is awesome or utter crap.



Johnny Lang / Still Rainin'

Will Butler / Anna

North Mississippi Allstars / Shake 'Em On Down


End Song:

Azealia Banks / 212 ROBOCOP MIX

Direct download: TS_18_-_Final.mp3
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This week we're dedicating the show to someone who sent us beer, Cam! Nerves and Jitterbug got together to play games, watch a movie, and drink a lot of beer all thanks to shiphead, Cam. We let him pick the music and movie, which is how we ended up watching a foreign movie about an accused child molester called, The Hunt.


Mayer Hawthorne / The Ills

Pigeon Prison / Don't Fuck With My Money

End Song:

Eminem / Cum On Everybody

Direct download: TS_17.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves discuss Chinatown, as well as a bunch of movie news and opinions on recent videogame controversies.


Elastica / Stutter

Downset / Intro/Empower

Ending Song:

M83 / Outro

Direct download: TS_16.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves talk about an old favorite, Total Recall! Except Nerves isn't a big fan! WHAT?!?! Get ready for a fight.


Ought / Habit

Cab Calloway / Jitterbug

Direct download: TS_15.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:47pm EDT

Jitterbug and Nerves get mushy as they curse and act like man-children. The movie this week is the all-time classic, Rudy!


White Sea / Prague

The Acacia Strain / Doomblade

Ending Song:

Hank Williams III / Medley: Satan is Real/Straight to Hell

Direct download: TS_14.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:01pm EDT

13 - I Saw the Devil's Super Bowl

Nerves joins us this week from what sounds like an airplane hanger, but is actually just bad audio - sorry, we'll get that fixed for next week. We just got finished watching the Super Bowl, and have some thoughts on the game as well as the commercials. We also review the movie, I Saw The Devil.


Tenacious D / Senorita

Apparat / Goodbye (with Soap & Skin)

Ending Song:

Death / Politicians in my Eyes

Direct download: TS_13.mp3
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The good Shephard Book fills in for Nerves this week and reveals that The Godfather is his favorite film of all time. This is NOT something that can be revealed without much discussion, prompting this episode to run a bit on the long side as Jitterbug and Book explore one of the greatest movies of all time before then delving into Muscle Shoals, a documentary all about some of the greatest music ever recorded. It's going to be a good show!


Bill Frisell / Let Me In

Freddy King / Going Down

End Song:

Freddy King / I'd Rather Go Blind

Direct download: TS_12.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:21am EDT

This week Jitterbug and Nerves discuss the best of 2014, and run through a list of Metacritics highest rated movies, music, and games.


2014 Best of:

Pallbearer / Ashes

Swans / A Little God In My Hands

Run the Jewels / Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)

St. Vincent / Digital Witness

D'Angelo and The Vanguard / Really Love

JB's Pick:

Death / Keep on Knocking

Nerves' Pick:

Warren Hayes / One

Ending Song:

Bad Brains / I and I Survive

Direct download: TS_11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:55am EDT

Nerves continues his slow realization that he hates Jitterbug as they discuss beer, music, and movies this week. The Crossing the Streams film this time is the Jean-Claude Van-Damme crapfest, Welcome to the Jungle.


Big Data / Dangerous

Little Richard / Girl Can't Help It

Ending Song:

Lorde / Team

Direct download: TS_10.mp3
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Jitterbug and Nerves discuss the movie Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel, and play some 'Remember When' involving the band Letters to Cleo and one legendary night from their youth. And in this episode, Jitterbug ALMOST goes the entire episode without stoking Nerves' rage.


Letters to Cleo / Pizza Cutter

Inside Out / Burning Fight

Ending Song:

AC/DC mashup

Direct download: TS_9.1.mp3
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