This week Jitterbug and Nerves are joined by their old friend, Book, for the final episode of 2014. They discuss good times, old crimes, and uncover a disturbing sexual fetish! The movie for this week is the classic, Big Trouble in Little China.


Queen / Let Me In Your Heart Again

Antony & Bryce Dessner / I Was Young When I Left Home

Mavis Staples / Belong to the Band

Ending Song:

The Real McKenzies / Auld Lang Syne


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Merry Christmas shipheads! Jitterbug and Nerves head off on another sojourn to sea. The movie this week is The Wolf of Wall Street, and they've got a lot to say about this one!


Young the Giant / My Body

Murphy's Law / Sock It To Me, Santa

Ending Song:

Charlie Brown Christmas

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Jitterbug and Nerves are skipping Crossing the Streams this week, but Wolf of Wall Street will be on tap for next week. This time around, the guys talk about music, television, video games, and butthole-a-thon!


Butthole Surfers / The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave

The Airborne Toxic Event / Sometime Around Midnight

Ending Song:

Vance Joy / Riptide

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It's lucky the airwaves are separating JB and Nerves this week, because otherwise things might've devolved into fisticuffs! There's enough crappybeer and gin for everyone as they tackle the turd of a movie, In the Name of the King by director Uwe Boll.


Rudderless / Stay with You

Father John Misty / Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings

Endings song:

Faith No More / Motherfucker

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Nerves is the captain this week and takes us into dangerous waters as he decides to let Jitterbug talk about the new Star Wars trailer! Does he love it or hate it? You're going to have to listen to find out.

This week's Crossing the Streams movie is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.


Mound Builders / Wabash War Machine

The Prairie Scholars / You and Me Now

Ending Song: LCD Soundsystem / Us V Them

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Jitterbug and Nerves are back on the turbulant seas. This week they discuss the PS4 game, The Binding of Isaac, and review the Michael Bay film, Pain and Gain, all while Jitterbug suffers with a horrific beverage that combines clams, tomatoes, and Budweiser. 


Firehose / Sometimes

The Wind and the Wave / My Mama Said, Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head

End Song: Air Dubai / Warning


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Jitterbug and Nerves disucss beer, football, new nicknames for Ala Douche, as well as several other topics. This week the Crossing the Streams movie is Dead Snow, a horror romp all about Nazi zombies and nerd seed. 

Soundsystem Notes:

Pink Floyd / Anisina

NOFX / 72 Hookers


End Song: NOFX / Bob

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Jitterbug and Nerves are back after a long, long hiatus. Talkingship is back in rare form to bring you all the news you've been waiting for.

This week we introduce the new segment, Crossing the Streams, and invite you to watch bad movies along with us.


Band: Pulp / Song: Common People

Band: Primus / Song: Pure Imagination

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